Apply a probability distribution function on a waveform.

functional_apply_probability_distribution(waveform, density_function = "TPDF")



(Tensor): Tensor of audio of dimension (..., time)


(str, optional): The density function of a continuous random variable (Default: "TPDF") Options: Triangular Probability Density Function - TPDF Rectangular Probability Density Function - RPDF Gaussian Probability Density Function - GPDF


tensor: waveform dithered with TPDF


  • Triangular probability density function (TPDF) dither noise has a triangular distribution; values in the center of the range have a higher probability of occurring.

  • Rectangular probability density function (RPDF) dither noise has a uniform distribution; any value in the specified range has the same probability of occurring.

  • Gaussian probability density function (GPDF) has a normal distribution. The relationship of probabilities of results follows a bell-shaped, or Gaussian curve, typical of dither generated by analog sources.