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The output is of size H x W, for any input size. The number of output features is equal to the number of input planes.


nn_adaptive_max_pool2d(output_size, return_indices = FALSE)



the target output size of the image of the form H x W. Can be a tuple (H, W) or a single H for a square image H x H. H and W can be either a int, or None which means the size will be the same as that of the input.


if TRUE, will return the indices along with the outputs. Useful to pass to nn_max_unpool2d(). Default: FALSE


if (torch_is_installed()) {
# target output size of 5x7
m <- nn_adaptive_max_pool2d(c(5, 7))
input <- torch_randn(1, 64, 8, 9)
output <- m(input)
# target output size of 7x7 (square)
m <- nn_adaptive_max_pool2d(7)
input <- torch_randn(1, 64, 10, 9)
output <- m(input)